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PalmerSport is the ultimate driving day and one that you will remember for a lifetime!
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MSV Driving Gifts and Driving Experience PalmerSport from £654

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    PalmerSport is a full-day driving event, created in 1991 by former Formula 1 racer Jonathan Palmer, which has earned a well established reputation as the best corporate motorsport event in the world. And every year, with new developments, it just gets better.

    PalmerSport's guests drive an unrivalled collection of high performance sports cars and open-top racing cars on four purpose-built circuits in an eight activity programme at Bedford Autodrome. The unique PalmerSport philosophy is to not just permit, but actively encourage, guests to push right to the limit on every circuit in every car.

    PalmerSport guests experience one of the most exhilarating and memorable days of their lives. It's the most authentic motorsport experience available anywhere.

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